Berber Tbeq | 20

Berber Tbeq | 20

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>  Ethically Hand Made in Morocco
>  Materials / Palm Leaf & Wool
>  Size / 19.25" x 3.5" tall

A hand woven Moroccan Berber "plate", with an amazing mix of colors. This beautiful and unique piece of art will add a touch of functional warmth and style to your space. Perfect as a fruit basket, bread basket, serving tray or as wall art . . . the options are endless!

Traditional Moroccan cookware wouldn't be complete without a tbeq. Primarily used as a work surface for hand rolling couscous from semolina flour - a process that can best be accomplished on a large round platter. Alternatively it’s used for holding any sort of dishes, serves as a pad for hot plates or lined with a towel, a tbeq is also used to hold and transport freshly baked breads.  Of course, the tbeq are also beautiful hanging on your wall as art! 

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