Basket Care & Info

The journey of a Moroccan basket is not a short one. The men primarily weave the baskets, which takes on average 4-8 hours each to complete. The baskets are then given to the women, who embellish each with various designs. After the textile artists make their mark, the baskets are delivered back to the men, who apply the hand treated leather handles to each.

TALA baskets are hand woven in small villages of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a tradition passed down in private homes from generation to generation. They are woven out of renewable resources, including water reeds and wild date palm leaves, which grow abundantly in the region. The leather is treated using an all-natural process (either dyed and oiled or painted). Because each basket is hand woven, each basket is unique. Variations are to be expected and treasured. For this reason, all measurements are approximate and are intended to be used only as a guide in choosing your basket.

TALA Baskets are sturdy, strong and flexible. If properly cared for, your basket will live a long life. If your basket needs to be reshaped get the basket damp, put something heavy in it to hold the shape you want, hang your basket and let it dry. If your basket gets dirty, use a little gentle soap and water and scrub gently. If the leather gets dirty, clean with a little gentle leather soap. Be sure to let your basket dry thoroughly after it gets wet to prevent mold - in the sun is ideal.

You will find lots of uses for your French market style TALA baskets and will probably wonder what you used to do without them! Here at TALA we use our baskets for trips to farmer's markets, weekends away, the gym, the beach, the cabin, boating, the pool, picnics, Sunday Brunch with the ladies and of course, as the perfect Tuesday accessory!

The possibilities are endless . . .