Honolulu via Morocco . . .

TALA was born in Honolulu, Hawaii after years of searching for the perfect all in one beach, market, and travel bag. While we wanted something big enough to carry the necessities, it also needed to be fashionable and earth-friendly. There was not a lot of options that fit our needs and wants, so we decided to just design our own!

Using eco-friendly materials are very important to us. All TALA baskets are hand woven from fallen palm leaves. This flexible, natural fiber allows the basket to easily return to the original shape, which is especially helpful if your basket shifts in the overhead compartment or is splashed by a rogue wave at the beach. And the open-air weave makes it easy to shake out any extra sand before getting into your clean car! On top of being eco-friendly, we focused on offering an affordable product, while still making sure each was ethically crafted. After a long search, we decided to work with families in Morocco to assist us with this. Our next hurdle was making the baskets look fashionable, chic and unique. The inspiration for each design comes from Hawaii's easy-going, beach culture and the many visitors who visit our beautiful state. TALA was created as a way for us to make everyday Hawaii life a little easier, and a lot more fashionable!

Our upscale beach Bohemia style is a fun collection of stylish necessities and perfect companions for easy going fashionistas. We offer conscious options to you, a consumer who cares about making a difference in this world of choices.


Irmena Todorova | Founder + Designer